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Quality craftmanship, with every quilt stitched


Quality Custom Quilts for All Ages

In the past, the art of quilting was associated with domesticated women who produced quilts for bed covers and blankets to keep their families warm during cold seasons. The tradition was passed down to the succeeding generations, and over the years, as more materials and fabrics became more available and diverse, the art and the designs became more elaborate and lavish.

Nowadays, quilting is a billion dollar industry in the U.S., and quilt shops are sprouting everywhere especially in Texas. There is also a growing interest in quilting among the younger generation because of the community-building aspect of the tradition. With the presence of hundreds of quilting “gurus” online, it is important to trust only a quilter who can balance art and functionality.

At CatBird Quilts in Kempner, Texas, you can find the best long arm quilting services. I can make you a wonderful T-shirt quilt to preserve those cherished memories.

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