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About Me

Hi! My name is Deborah Jenkins, the owner of CatBird Quilts, located in Kempner Texas. I provide longarm quilt services and custom quilts. I have 54 years of sewing experience with the last 10 years devoted to quilting. I continue to educate myself in the art and craft of this industry.

I belong to the following organizations and guilds:

            • Crossroads to Texas quilt Guild
            • Chisholm Trail Quilt Guild 

    • National Quilters Association
    • Quilts of Valor

My mother taught me to sew in 1965 but I did not discover quilting until 1999 when she took it up. I didn't make very many quilts over the years until I was transferred to Germany in 2010. At that point I discovered I loved the idea of creating something with fabric and how therapeutic it was. I retired from a 32-year career in retail at the end of 2015. My goal at the time was to create a business that would support my habit (hobby) of buying fabric and making quilts. I realized I needed to acquire my own longarm machine in order to finish my growing supply of quilt tops. It is 2019 and the longarm has a room of its own, time to get busy.

This story does not end here but will continue as long as there is fabric out there and I have time and energy to create something beautiful, useful, and cherished.

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My goal is to provide long arm service to customers who have pieced their own quilt tops. I also make quilts to customer specifications.

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