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I Offer Long Arm Quilting Services


Quilting Services

The following services are provide at CatBird Quilts. If you have any questions please contact me.

Edge to Edge quilting cost .02 a square inch. This entails one computerized design of your choice stitched from one edge of the quilt to the other.

My Custom Designs use separate computerized design in the center of quilt, and another computerized design in the border of quilt. The cost for this will be .03 a square inch.

To figure out the square inches of your quilt multiply the width and the length. For example, a quilt measuring 68”x 88” equals 5,984”. This multiplied by .02 equals $119.68

Backing: I charge $10 per seam to sew backing together.

Batting: Bring your own or I can provide at an additional cost of $8 per yard.

Machine binding: I will machine bind your quilt for the following rates: $40 for full or smaller and $50 for queen or larger. Please provide minimum of one yard of fabric if you choose this service. Additional cost may incur if you have a scalloped border or want bias binding.

Labels: I highly recommend putting a label on quilts. This documents when and who the quilt was made for and the occasion. I can make two different types of labels. I can embroider one or print one on fabric from a word document, with this option you could include a picture. The label is then attached to the back of quilt before it is quilted. My charge for this service is $15. No charge if you bring your own.

Quilt Preparation

The following steps will help me to return to you a quality quilt that may well become an heirloom. 

Quilt top

Quilt top

Press all seams on the quilt top flat. Snip all loose threads and remove any pins, stray threads and animal hair.

Your quilt top should be square and stay stitching around the outside edge 1/8 to 1/4” will help stabilize the quilt top as I load it on my machine.


Batting should measure at least 8” larger than top. Any excess backing or batting will be returned to you.


The back of quilt must measure at least 8” larger than your quilt top. If the quilt measures 60” x 80” the back must measure 68” x 88”. If you piece the back trim all selvages and press the seam to one side. I prefer a ½” or larger seam.

If the back is directional, please mark top with a piece paper attached with a safety pin. This ensures I load it correctly.

Let me know if you want the quilt trimmed before I return it to you.

The quilt top, batting and backing should all be folded separate when you deliver them to me, as this is how they are loaded onto my machine.

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